Lose Yourself into the Musical Retreat of New Jersey Dancehall Artist Maga Hundred’s ‘SHOES’

With his newest release ‘SHOES’, the New Jersey Dancehall Artist Maga Hundred raises the bar high as he enchants the audience with his innate creative genius.

Presenting a mighty punch of energy and passionate outpour, the adroit music artist Maga Hundred has released his new dancehall number, ‘SHOES’, rife with catchy hooks that go on to blend seamlessly with the nostalgic euphoric music design. The song itself begins on an extremely intriguing note and paves the way for the lyrical onslaught that brings to the fore the singer’s impressive flair for story-telling that grabs the attention of the audience instantaneously. The captivating rhythms gather momentum as the track progresses, carrying the listeners into an immersive musical journey that lifts the mood and instills them with a zest for life.

The verses are deeply rooted in reality, which gives the song a universal appeal, thereby enabling it to connect to a wide range of audiences. The raw and powerful, yet pristine, vocal delivery and the precision of technical instruments bring about a resounding effect that finds its way into ‘SHOES’, leading it to become one of the most brilliant additions to the repertory of the New Jersey Dancehall Artist. While providing listeners with a sense of reality, it also becomes an escapist gateway for a trippy musical experience. Check out this amazing new song, along with some of his other musical gems like ‘BREEZE’ and ‘Level up’ on SoundCloud. His songs are also available for listening on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Follow Maga Hundred on Instagram to never miss an update.

Just go for this track ‘SHOES’ by Maga Hundred:


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