Nelia Ross: The Voice That Connected Italy and Las Vegas Musically


It is challenging to bring together two very different cultures using the power of music. Nelia Ross, a singer and songwriter born in Italy, is poised to blend these artistic tapestries seamlessly, providing a musical passage from Italy to the center of Las Vegas.

Ross is rapidly becoming a unique cultural ambassador, sharing the beauty of Italian music and its symbols across the United States, with a particular affinity for the city of Las Vegas. Ross is known for engaging performances and swiftly establishing herself as a unique cultural ambassador.

A Journey to the City of Lights: “A Vegas Beginning”

Due to Ross’s undying affection for the city of Las Vegas, she has been approached to produce a television show appropriately dubbed “A Vegas Beginning.” In this upcoming event, Ross will discuss her move from Italy to the United States, conduct interviews with local and international musicians, and investigate the similarities and differences that characterize the musical traditions of both countries.

Many people, including Kyle Martin, Rob Garrett, Lisa Gay and Tony Pereira, Grady Harrell, and many others, are expected to appear on the show and discuss how they got their start in Las Vegas. Due to the unconventional format of the show, Ross and other local musicians will give live performances, creating a more intimate bond with viewers both in the theater and at home.

Victory Across All Channels Of The Airwaves

The TV show is poised to establish itself as a fan favorite and is set to be regularly broadcast from the Modern Showrooms at Alexis Park Resort, overseen by Pete Housley. The anticipated success of “A Vegas Beginning” has led to plans for the show’s expansion onto MyLVTV TV21 and even NBC TV3, signifying a glorious achievement for Ross. “A Vegas Beginning” is expected to be initially broadcast on The CW Las Vegas TV33.

Biscroma Records LLC, Ron Garrett, who serves as the TV Director, and Nelia Ross herself are collaborating to bring the program to life. The projected success of the show is a direct reflection of the team’s hard work, including the services of editors David Taylor and Deborah Trevizo from Rainmaker Productions Studios.

A Star Both on Stage and in the Virtual World

Nelia Ross’s discography is also expected to experience phenomenal success, as her songs “True Light” and “I’m Flying” are anticipated to accumulate thousands of listens on Spotify. Her influence is expected to spread widely, reaching even the realm of social media, where she is projected to have tens of thousands of devoted followers on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Her merchandising line, which includes items such as mugs, tote bags, decorations, and postcards, is expected to be very well received by her devoted followers. Her likeness will be featured on these items in a design created by Neal Portnoy, the “Illustrator of the Stars.”

Still Much More to Come

The singer-songwriter is eagerly working on creating new music, creating a music event, and continuing to enchant fans with her TV show and live appearances. Nelia Ross is only at the start of her adventure on the international stage as she writes, sings, and shares her narrative. She has yet to reach her full potential due to her unyielding enthusiasm for music and commitment to bringing people of different cultures together.

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