Rock Performer Rice Treats Behind the Scenes With ‘This Is Me #2’

Rice offers majestic musicals and passionate vocals with growing immersive music bites. ‘This Is Me #2’ is interestingly evoking and leaving fans excited.

Introducing electrifying artist, the eclectic rising musical star who produces an enticing mix of hip-hop, pop, and world music that connects with the hearts and minds of the masses. He is not only a brilliant musician but also an entrepreneur, artist, songwriter, and philanthropist. He is a strong believer in the connecting power of music, he believes that music should be used as a tool for education, empowerment, and empathy- a means of correcting many wrongs in the world. The prolific artist Rice advises independent artists to work hard and make their destiny, the performer is planning to continue working on his project ‘Love Shouldn’t Cost a Thing’ and warns fans to be ready for more electrifying surprises in the pipeline. The video This Is Me #2shows the performers celebrating twenty-five years of the Flutie Foundation, allowing the audience to witness the behind-the-scenes magic and moments, creating great memories.

The whole thing builds up brilliantly, the songwriting and the composition carrying a purpose intertwined.  The video clip ‘This Is Me #2’ is bigger than just performing Starz which is included on the World Beat Compilation album, produced by Oliver Sean, and now on 66th Grammy Nomination ballots, but it was a well-fitting song to perform at Stars on the Spectrum because the cause that was bigger than oneself, and not only did the performers  get to perform at Fenway

Park in in front of 5000 people but family and friends came out to support. The artists are grateful to all my fans who traveled to witness their live performances.  The lyrical narrative of Starz is when we all keep yearning to be accepted &approved by others. The artists highlight how one should be vulnerable and being vulnerable allows one to grow or fold. All the engaging and stunning soundtracks of the magnificent musician Rice are available on YouTube. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.

Groove with the latest Rice’s music video ‘This Is Me #2’:

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