Rice offers majestic musicals and passionate vocals with growing immersive music bites. ‘This Is Me #2’ is interestingly evoking and leaving fans excited. Introducing electrifying artist, the eclectic rising musical star who produces an enticing mix of hip-hop, pop, and world music that connects with the hearts and minds of […]

Known for his versatility and passion for innovation, Brad Urba recently stepped out with a new single, ‘Monster.’ Brad Urba will instantly grab your attention with his musical flair. His catchy tunes are packed with melodies as well as beats that will make you feel connected with every song he creates. […]

Emerging musical group R.P.D.B. offers a diverse taste of different genres in the therapeutic melodies of their refreshing new album ‘#1’. The rising musical group R.P.D.B. is making headlines with their out-worldly melodic collections. The group has released their latest project ‘#1’ on popular streaming platforms spreading vibrant positivity into the world. The […]