Charles Bruckerhoff’s ‘Plowman: Harvest Of Grain And Innocence’ Has Compelling Styles and Powerful Narrative

A journey that unveils morality and restores law and order, Charles Bruckerhoff’s ‘Plowman: Harvest of Grain and Innocence’ has a prevailing tale of two young girls.

Plowman: Harvest of Grain and Innocence

Engaging, potent, and illumines, Charles Bruckerhoff’s storyline shares a great deal of information where everyone is bound to confess reality is stranger and mostly stronger than fiction. His ‘Plowman: Harvest of Grain and Innocence’ is a beautiful tale of two young girls of twelve, Stella Young and Hana Sanada. They both get enrolled in the Stanton Academy for Humanity. The education system of this academy is hard and through the lessons of imparted truth, justice, and morality, they are willing to shape up America’s youth and build their character. The students of this academy have re-titled it to “Sustainable Farming on Steroids”. During this time, the two protagonists of this book, Hana and Stella lay hands on the dairies of their grandfathers, who served American Military in World War II and the Vietnam War.

On finding these diaries they unveil various aspects of these wartime situations. After several years, both are willing to concoct a book-length manuscript based on these journals. They both have faced grief and pain brought exclusively by was through their personal losses. Driven to uncover the truth of the nation and its “wrong wars”, they both set off to restore the law and order of this nation and re-establish honor, morality, and integrity of humankind. Charles Bruckerhoff has served the American Military during the Vietnam War, and he has witnessed the ground. On returning he devoted his time and life to the better cause, from learning to teaching the poor children. His ‘Plowman: Harvest of Grain and Innocence’ is an incredible book, available on Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble. To know more you can visit the website of Sequoia House Books.

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