Pop Music Artist From Perth, O’Neill Fernandes Caters Listeners With the Dreamy Pop Album ‘Rock And Roll Heaven’

O’Neill Fernandes, a Pop music artist from Perth creates a sensation in the rock music industry. ‘Rock And Roll Heaven’ creates an emotive mood from the outset.

O'Neill Fernandes

Smooth vibes set a fairly melodic scene before the immensely skillful vocalist delves into the smooth yet striking-paced outpourings of pop-punk for an exceptionally recognizable overall arrangement. O’Neill Fernandes introduces a contemporary clarity and pace to traditional pop culture along with his fine story-telling layers and warming bass lines. Slowly through the album, the passion increases and the story evolves from a joyful reflection and celebration. The sublime production of Rock And Roll Heaven instantly calms the hearts with its smooth guitar strumming and fine beat combination. The album is melodically on point and performed with a sheer passion for the process. The Pop music artist from Perth maintains an edge of recognizable identity and offers fragments of pop and RnB all intertwined.
In short, Ventura Highway, and Don’t Treat Me Like A Child from the album ‘Rock And Roll Heaven’ are as nostalgic as catchy, effectively injecting the earworm of timeless musicals that originate from the modern scene. The musician wraps things up unexpectedly honest, confident, and melodic through vulnerability and strength, bridging the gap between the creator and the listener as well as the genres and musical eras. O’Neill Fernandes manages to capture the thoughtful writing of the present while employing a timeless and authentic musicality that garners its genuine presentation. Other spectacular sound designs from the album include ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’, ‘Hope Of Deliverance’, ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’, and ‘Baker Street’ have managed to secure their place in the music industry with their flawless creativity and ace musicianship. All of the exceptionally brilliant tracks are available on YouTube and Soundcloud. You can also follow the magnificent talent on Facebook if you do not want to miss out on any information about him.

Let’s listen to O’Neill Fernandes’s album ‘Rock And Roll Heaven’ only on SoundCloud:


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