Top Fun and Festive Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Wedding

When it comes toa New Year’s Eve wedding, you must choose something unique yet enjoyable to engage everyone out there.Offer them a majestic evening that is unforgettable.

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A New Year’s Eve wedding can be a lot of fun and have plenty of perks as well. The holiday season celebrates new beginnings. As the date begs you to throw a party of your one of the biggest party of your life. But arranging a New Year’s wedding party can be a tiring feat. The guests will be expecting a lot from the event, and you should consider giving them the best wedding party as they are choosing your ‘Big Day’ over the New Year’s Eve party. This would be the last thing that you will want your guests to go home disappointed. The best way to avoid disappointing them, add a holiday to your wedding theme at your affair!

Well, if you are planning to throw your party on December 31, you will be requiring some inspiration for creating most of the arrangements. When the question comes to decorations, going for metallics and thematic details including confetti and clocks can be a good choice. For entertainment purposes include celebratory activities and a lot of props such as party hats, and specs. Don’t forget to add party-themed songs to keep the party engaging and energizing. Supply tasty snacks to keep your guests all charged up.

New Year’s Eve is a majestic time to have a wedding as everyone is already in the mood for celebration. Though there is no written rule to incorporate a New Year’s theme into your wedding, eyes on little details will change the game. Here are 12 stylish and fun wedding ideas to mark a lifetime experience for your guests and yourselves as well.


  1. Thematic wedding favors

If you are planning to have a wedding then why not consider offering your guests a New Year’s Eve flavor? Get all your guests excited for your New Year’s Eve wedding by sending them invitations in a glamorous color palette. Thematic motifs will be just the cherry on the top, welcome them. The idea of mini diaries, and stylish party horns will be a good choice to offer your guests.


  1. Stylish stationery

Throw a wedding party that will linger in the minds of your guests for several years. Let the wedding dress lose its color, but your memory should not. Set the celebratory vibe from the moment the invitation cards reach your guest’s post box, carrying gold and black Gatsby-style stationary. There are various options to choose from. Select the one you like the most and match your wedding theme.


  1. Engage the children as well

If there are going to be children at your wedding party then make sure you have a midnight treat for them as well, the idea of milk and tasty cookies or a fruity mocktail will surely be loved by all the children. The colorful confetti will cheer up the children to celebrate New Year’s Eve along with the wedding. Include some outdoor lawn games, offer kid’s table and table games as well, and you can go for professional entertainment as well. Kids-only dance time would be great! Kids love to get gifts, and personalized goody bags for them will engage them much more in the wedding.


  1. Stunning photobooth

No matter what your wedding theme or venue is, photo booths are great to bring fun and engage the guests as they can click thousands of pictures for their social media glam. Make your New Year’s Eve photo booth attractive and stand out to garner guests to that corner. Don’t forget to take plenty of snapshots with your loved ones! Accessorise the booth with props related to the holiday like party hats, glasses, etc.


  1. Champagne! But with a twist

Mindfully select a statement champagne cocktail for your honorable guests to toast with.  Also, consider Champagne serving in a fun glassware. Champagne tower would be a great activity that will be enjoyed by everyone at the party. Toast to a new beginning with a tower of champagne.


  1. Embrace all the glam and glitter

New Year’s Eve goes pretty well with all the glitz and glam so why not consider them into your wedding party outfits and theme? Incorporate all the glitter and glam in your party outfits of the bride and the bridesmaids. Black goes really well with all the sparkle so consider blending the glitz with tons of black to get an all cute and pretty look for your wedding day or the squad. And for the guests, everyone just needs an excuse to dress up in their best clothes.


  1. Including a surprise moment will up the game

A surprise moment will turn the table for your NYE wedding party. Arrange a confetti shower at midnight or a balloon drop for your first-ever dance after becoming married, it is a great way to leave your guests mesmerized and help you capture the greatest moments of your life.


  1. A statement party

Weddings are supposed to be fun, but if you are throwing a New Year’s Eve wedding you need to make sure that your wedding theme offers uplifting energy only. Silent disco, party horns, festive cake topper, and thematic music will up the bar at your wedding for sure! Also don’t forget to add an interactive guest book and allow them to enjoy on their own.


  1. NYE table names creativity

Try to keep the theme subtle and minimal with the theme based on New Year’s Eve table news. Going for classic years that mean a lot to you can excite the whole thing a bit.  Mix things up and select movies that are set on New Year’s Eve or have songs related to NYE.


  1. Remember your countdown

You might think that it is the simplest one on the list but it is super easy to overlook in the middle of your grand occasion. Do not forget to ask your DJ to add a New Year’s countdown and choose a song you want to be played on the evening after the wedding to pump everyone’s spirit to get all of the guests together.


  1. Make it a sparkling evening

Sparkles can never go wrong. They make everything super festive and help to get the best nighttime photos. Consider going all for a sparkler bar set. If you do not want to work with some explosives adding some flare with sparkles might work for you and make your big night an impossible one to forget. If you are not sure how to incorporate all the sparklers into your theme then you can browse different ideas online about utilizing sparklers brilliantly.


  1. Treat your guests

Well, if your budget allows, consider treating everyone with magnificent fireworks at midnight. Several companies provide brilliant services to make your day more beautiful and memorable for you and your guests. They will surely enjoy some mind-blowing fireworks, allowing the guests to select a playful prediction. For a fun touch consider using noisemakers as escort cards. Choose the venue wisely as it should be able to provide the required recommendations.

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