Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Making Films

Now artificial intelligence has become a great option in movie making. Find out the pros and cons of artificial intelligence in movie making to discover more.

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Artificial intelligence or AI technology has a huge impact on the film industry. There are various things that cannot have done in the real life but it is portrayed in cinemas. All those are done by the artificial intelligence. As the film industry is evolving with time, the way of making movies are also changing. There are larger than life things that are shown on the big screen. And all these are possible only because of the artificial intelligence. This advance technology can be helpful in various aspect. Therefore let’s find out some advantages and disadvantages of using artificial intelligence in film making-


Pros of AI in film making


  1. Boost efficiency:

There is no debate that artificial intelligence has boost the efficiency of film making. It has mainly made a positive impact on the post-production scenarios. After the shooting, editing the film manually takes a lot of time and effort. But artificial intelligence can make notable change in this. With the help of AI technology, now people can do the post production works much easily. With AI tools one can do various job at a short time span. Now there are AI tools that comes to facilities like facial recognition, automatic color correction, accuracy checking, and much more. An AI tool can take care of all these detailed work. With the help of this tool, all these have become quite easier and much more efficient.


  1. Visual effects:

In a movie, visual effects are very much important. It is seen that audiences are not interested watching a movie that doesn’t have interesting visuals. It not only depends on how the shot is taken but it has a deeper impact on every little things of the movie. Now with the artificial intelligence, now people have gotten the opportunity to de-age an actor. With the technologies like deep fake, people are now able to show actors much younger than their actual age. These are now considered very much important part of the movies because all these affect the viewers. These little details of film can make an impact on the audience. And that is why now AI tools have become a significant part in the film making industry.


  1. Writing efficacy:

AI tools are very much helpful when it comes to writing the scripts of the movie. Script is definitely a significant part of films. That is why, with the help of artificial intelligence one would be able to come up with great scripts. This has the potential to deliver scripts much earlier and save a huge amount of time. Along with that, presently, there are huge demand of content. Therefore, usage of AI can also help one to deliver a wide array of content in the shortest time span.


  1. Cost-effective:

One of the biggest perk using artificial intelligence is that it saves a lot of money. Just by using this advance technology a lot of things can be done in an easier method. And one doesn’t have to hire skilled editors who would charge a heavy amount of money for that. With the assistance of the artificial intelligence, film makers can save a lot of money and use that it other purposes. Along with that, artificial intelligence can be used in various works in pre and post-production. Therefore, it will definitely be cost-effective for producers to use AI technologies for film making.


Cons of using AI in film making


  1. Unemployment:

The biggest con of the artificial intelligence is that it can make a huge effect on employment. It has the potential to do job more than one people and much better than human. So, if all the production companies start using AI tools then eventually a large part of human labor. Then only with the help of artificial intelligence producers and film makers will be able to make their desired movies. Therefore, it will be the reason of losing job of many people and lead to unemployment, which will make a direct impact on the economy of the country.


  1. Less influence of human:

A film is a creative innovation of human brain. There are many things that are done by humans while making a movie. The constant improvisation of human brains make a film even better in every aspect. But if it is replaced by artificial intelligence then it will lack the essence of human brains. An AI tool can do things that have been input in it. This cannot create new things and add more facts in the movie. So, at the end it will be quite difficult for film makers to come up with new things in their movies.


  1. Skills gap:

If artificial intelligence becomes one of the core element of making movie then it will be a huge problem. People in the crew will be extremely dependent on the AI tool. This will also create a gap in their skills. Therefore, crew members will be less proficient which can lead to many problems. A certain amount of use of the artificial intelligence can be helpful but extreme amount of it can really dangerous.


  1. Lose originality:

Constant use of AI tool can take away the originality. Artificial intelligence cannot create something new from its own. It will do only the things that are input in them. Apart from that, it cannot do any further things. So eventually, the content won’t be unique anymore and fail to grab the attention of the audiences. Therefore, excessive use of artificial intelligence would make the content dull.


  1. Unpredictable result:

Many times it is seen that AI can create unexpected results. The biased result will not be helpful in every scenarios. Along with that, it has a huge chance of producing stereotype content. It will not be helpful any case. So, depending on the artificial intelligence is not always a great way of creating movies.


These are some pros and cons of using artificial intelligence in making movies. It can be a great way of finding new ideas. But depending on it completely is not a very good choice. Therefore, use this tool to make movies according to your need.

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