Try These 5 Creative and Classy Makeup Ideas for Christmas

Make this Christmas merrier with these classy makeup ideas. Looking good is as important as being surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones on this special day.

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This is the season of Santa, and this is a great time to go all out with lots of colors and glitters. This is the perfect time when you can go for that out-of-the-box make-up look and ace it with conviction. Whether you are meeting friends for Christmas, partying it out with your colleagues, making dinner for family, or visiting your parents looking good is what this season demands. These simple yet quite sophisticated make-up ideas will help you to get that chic look on the best evening of the year.


  • The 5 makeup ideas for Christmas:


  1. No Makeup Look or Au Natural

If you prefer a minimalist makeup look then this should be your go-to makeup option for this Christmas. To achieve that fresh, blushed look you need to start with a good dewy primer to bring back the glow on your face. The following step is adding foundation followed by brightening concealer to get that flawless skin radiant look. Then add the tiniest amount of blush on both of the apples of your cheeks and blend it properly. Use a nude eye shadow and to add volume you can go for only mascara for your eyes. Lastly, finish your look with a slightly tinted nude-shaded shaded lip color.


  1. Stunning Christmas Grinch or Colorful Christmas

For this look, you need to follow the basic rules of base makeup which is applying primer followed by foundation and concealer. To suit this time of the year you can go for a bright green eye shadow palate to elevate your look. Start by adding your favorite color eye shadows and blend them in the way you would blend. To add that glitter you can go for silver or golden eyeliner, you can also go for a white liner to make your eyes look bigger. Use waterproof mascara to give volume to your eyelashes. You can of or a red lipstick to look like a stunning Grinch best suited for this season. This is Christmas you get to be dramatic in this period.


  1. Dynamic With Drama of the Shimmering shines

Go all glitters in this season. If you are a newbie don’t worry it is not as difficult as pronouncing it quickly and repetitively. For this look, we highly recommend doing the eye makeup first then going for your base make-up as the glitters from the eyes might ruin your base and leave your entire face looking like Edward Cullen soaked in sun, yet it might be a great option for your next Halloween party though. Start by shaping your eyebrows followed by applying glitter shades to your eyelids. This should be followed by more minimal face makeup and blushes along with heavily loaded bold eyeliners and a lipstick of your choice that goes well with your attire.


  1. Miss Vavoom Style of All Red

If not being the Sensuous Grinch then dive into the party as the most hot and happening Lady Santa this season. From your attire to your eye shadows to your lipsticks, this is a great option to look extremely elegant and widely charming in this season. Start the makeup with the base and then add that tinge of scarlet rose color to your eyes followed by bold eyeliners. Pull that Miss Vavoom and look stunning without any hesitation. Color your lips red and you might add the upper lip beauty spot to take the look to the next level. Adding a pearl neckpiece would be highly satisfactory.


  1. Be The Queen Bee with Festive glam

If nothing else is what you wish for, then this should be the option for you. The high-end glam look to turn eyes cannot be more appropriate in this season. Go for golden and deep brown eye shadow shades. Add the drama to your eyelids to make it more sensuous. Add intense black kajal to intensify your eyes, for your eyelashes go for a waterproof, volumizing mascara. Waterproof mascara would stay all night without making your face covered in it after all the dancing you are planning on. For that high-end look start your makeup with the base then add a bit of tint on your cheeks followed by a metallic highlighter on your cheekbones your temples and your cupid’s bows. This is a great option for your Christmas makeup. Then add some wine of brown lip color to complete the look.

It should be based on how you feel that day, if you are feeling like drama then go for Glitter, if you are feeling attractive from witness then Miss Vavoom should be your pick. If you are someone who is hardly into makeup then Au Natural is what you should choose.

Depending on the venue you are attending you can also choose which sort of makeup would be the best option for this evening. There are a range of products that you might bag before the season starts and picking your outfit and your look beforehand can be widely beneficial as you can understand how much you would need to get ready and be there on time.

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