15 Wall Decor Ideas That Are Anything But Boring For Your Room

People often get bored, even with their houses, and walls. Now changing houses often might not be possible, but changing walls can be done easily with these ideas.

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Ever looked at your wall and thought “ew”! Well, that is because plain white walls are ew and lack character. Now if you are passionate about decorating your living space, or just adding some character to wherever you are, then all decoration might just be the answer that you are looking for. No matter what your style is, be it extra, or minimalistic, you will find something in the following list that goes perfectly with your style. We will give you 15 mind-blowing ideas of wall decor that will give your living space a refreshing look so let’s go.

  1. A large-scale art

This works best if you have a small space. Adding a large-scale art piece or painting on the wall will shout for attention and set the tone right. If you have a minimalistic space, go for a black-and-white photograph. If you are a fan of color, you can also go for a vibrant abstract piece to add that pop of color.

  1. Family photos on the gallery wall

This is a simple and clever idea that can easily transform the look of your plain and boring white wall into something memorable, something good to look at. Whatever your style is, hanging pictures of your family on the wall is probably the oldest trick and goes with everything. There is nothing that adds more color and personality to your room than a gallery wall full of family photos. Select the most favorite and memorable pictures for this and go with different shapes and sizes of photo frames. Now if the pictures of your family and close friends are not enough, you can also add a collection of art or photographs along with wall hangings and other ephemera. While choosing frames, opt for simple and cohesive designs or you can go for a mix and bring an array of ornate variations. If you have a small space, you can extend this wall to the ceiling to create an illusion of a bigger space.

  1. Fabric

A wall hanging in the form of a fabric, or a tapestry will add the pop of color that you were looking for while giving the wall a character of its own. At the same time, hanging a fabric will add a sense of softness and warmth to the room. While choosing a tapestry or fabric, look for vintage scarves or other pretty textiles and frame them. These are a lot easier to move than other framed things such as paintings, when it’s time to move into your next place.

  1. Texture

Adding texture to a room that is electric or futuristic will make it even more interesting to look at. You can either go for a soothing mix of colors while adding a brick design to the wall, this adds a rustic touch to your room. Of course, the wallpaper is of faux brick design as it is not easy to get a living room with an exposed brick wall. But to make things more attractive, add a shelf with different sizes of frames. This fun mix of designs and sizes will create a fun and quirky tempo for the room.

  1. Decorative mirrors

Another way of adding some spice and character to your room would be by adding decorative mirrors to your walls. Mirrors have been in the trend for quite some time now and this wall decor idea will take the design to the next level. Especially if you are a fan of shiny things, adding decorative mirrors to the wall that are of metal finishes will fulfill that. In addition to the mirrors, you can also incorporate symmetry to add tons of personality to the room.

  1. Accent wall

Now the above-mentioned ideas are of incorporating objects into walls for decoration. Now how about decorating the walls themselves? Well, this can never go wrong as accent walls make the perfect addition to your personal style. If you want to go bold, try out a bring and vibrant color to paint and create an accent wall. If you don’t want to go painting the wall by yourself, you can still bring in the charm and pattern with wallpapers. At the same time, you can also go for stenciling among other decorative painting techniques. A bonus tip would be to think about the ceiling while you are at it. If you have a smaller place, these decorative accent walls would make even bigger impacts.

  1. Furniture on the wall

One of the most recommended and promising wall decor ideas is to go simple. Because less is better and you can achieve that by adding furniture to your wall. This is how your efficiency meets the elegance your room was missing. For that simple and classy look, you can go for a floating shelf where you can keep a mixture of books, memorabilia, small sculptures, and artwork. This also works perfectly if you have run out of space in your normal bookshelf. You can just take your collection to the wall!

  1. Plates

If you are also a big fan of fine china like us, then we advise you to take that out of your cabinet and show them off really proudly! After all, why hide your fine china in that cabinet when you show them off on your wall? To decorate your walls with plates, use wire plate hangers that display your favorite serving platters and dishes. If you are a collector of any design object, then this might be the right move for you. You would go wild if you saw what other people decorate their houses with! We have even seen breadboards as art pieces on their walls!

  1. Color therapy

Color therapy is not something that you do at an art retreat, but anywhere! Take one step further and get this to decorate your walls. If simple wall decor is not your thing, and you don’t want to go with the trend of minimalistic designs, then this decor idea is definitely for you. Well, trends come and go, but what you are inside should always reflect in how you design your home. The abstract burst of colors makes a striking impact. In addition to this, it gives your living space a noticeable sense of wonder.

  1. Go green

An ardent fan of plants? Why not go green for your wall decoration as well? If you are already a plant parent, take this opportunity to hit two birds with one stone! If you are not a plant parent yet, why not start now? Especially, if you have a quench for biophilic designs, install a vertical green wall, and decorate the front with some indoor plants. You can even deck up the wall with complementary paintings that complete the look. If you are not a big fan of water, you will find various high-quality faux plants on the market that complete the theme for you.

  1. Cabinet in halls

Living areas are where you welcome guests and spend most of your time doing something. How about giving your guests a sneak peek into your lives? How do you ask? Well, you can install cabinets and put up the most cherished moments on the foyer wall. To make your life even more storage intensive, get a mixture of open and closed cabinets. Trust us, this will take the wall decor to the very next level!

  1. Personalized map

Are you a travel freak? Does your every saving end up with exploring a new place? Well, why not take your passion to the next level and add it to your wall decor? You can now add a large word map to the wall and let everyone know how much you love to travel! You can even order a personalized map of any state, city, country, or the entire world in just about any other color palette. Want to know can you make it ultra-personal? You can do that by adding pins to places you have already visited!

  1. Antiques for the way

Are you someone who is against the minimalistic trend? Well, now you have the opportunity to exact opposite by making your proud maximalist self be seen through your wall decor. This kind of decor idea would make your wall a spot where everyone would pause and reminisce, especially when you are giving your guests a tour of the house. You can go all the way and add displays of antiques to fill the wall and show off your maximalist self!

  1. Television

Another brilliant idea for wall decor would be mounting your television to the wall. Adding a flat screen to the wall would be a great way of freeing up some space. On top of your media cabinet, you have the chance to enhance the wall by adding showpieces and small plants. This has the ability to completely change the look of your living room. Want to go extra with the television? You will get televisions on the market that are aptly named “The Frame”. These are designed to look like artwork when they are off. Samsung also provides the chance to display pictures of your choosing when you put the TV in ambient mode.

  1. Murals

One of the most popular ways of giving a character and personality to your wall is by painting a mural. Painting one would transport you to another place instantly with the abstract and artistic designs. You can absolutely go into creative mode by choosing hand painting. Or if you are not that great of a painter, opt for a mural wallpaper. This would speak volumes through its visuals while giving you a wide variety of choices in colors and patterns.

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