The Tunes Club Offers the Best Spotify Promotion Service with Effective Results

Musical career growth is only possible when there is good promotion and The Tunes Club is here with the best spotify promotion service at affordable prices.

best spotify promotion service

The music industry sees new talents, and rising singers fighting for their recognition every day. To survive in this industry, having talent, creativity, and versatility will not be enough. They need to invest in good marketing strategies too. Spotify is the biggest audio streaming platform on the internet and having a viral hit there means the road to fame and recognition is pretty smooth for any artist. With over 615 million users, the platform is the biggest source of audiences for artists on the internet who have put their faith in streaming services. However, with an extended audience pool, there is also a competition that The Tunes Club takes care of for talented and rising artists. This is a Spotify Promotion Company that offers swift and effective marketing services by adding tracks to curated playlists on the platform and promoting on social media platforms.

Working with The Tunes Club is simple, the clients just need to choose which package they want to go with, submit their tracks, and make the payment. Once the order is placed on the website, the team will submit the song to curated Spotify playlists according to the packages, and in no time the client will see visible results. In some biggest promotional packages, the best spotify promotion service also offers content marketing along with social media marketing to strengthen the promotions even more. Combined with adding songs to curated Spotify playlists, social media marketing and content marketing help the promotional campaigns make an even stronger impact on the artist’s brand and image.

The company has previously collaborated with various marketing companies who are well-versed in music promotion works in the industry. With years of knowledge and ample experience, The Tunes Club is now offering its effective services to artists so that they can grow bigger in their music careers, organically. The website is home to four Spotify promotional packages from where the artists can pick and choose which one suits their needs and profile better. The first package is called ‘Spotify Marketing Package’ where the artists can promote a single track which will be added to more than 60 curated Spotify playlists. Using this package would get the artist around 3000-3500 listeners. Paired with this, the company will also share the music with 100K+ social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others to create social media buzz.

The second package is called ‘Spotify Promotion Pack’ where the artists can promote 2 tracks. This package will add the songs to more than 90 specially curated Spotify playlists. The tracks will also be shared and promoted to social media platforms which will help the artist get around 7000-7500 listeners along with online engagement. Added to this package, the artists will get a paid press release distribution as well. The third package is called ‘Spotify Marketing Pro Pack’ which lets artists add 3 tracks to more than 120 specially curated Spotify playlists. Along with it, the songs will be shared on social media platforms for marketing and creating social media buzz which will help the artist gain around 10,000-11,000 listeners along with completely organic engagement. With this package, the artists will also get a paid press release distribution, and a music blog as well.

The last package is called ‘Spotify Promotion Pro Pack’ where the artists can add up to 4 tracks. This package comes with a paid press release distribution, music blog, and artist review. Using this package also means the songs will be added to more than 180 curated Spotify playlists, and paired up with social media marketing, the artists will gain 14,000-15,000 listeners along with organic online engagement. All of these marketing packages are priced at really affordable price points that will not require the artists to break the bank. So grow your music career and create a strong Spotify image with The Tunes Club.

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The Tunes Club is one of the most trusted names in the industry of music marketing and promotion, working for several years with guaranteed results. Know more at:

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