Top 15 Last-minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Everyone

Let’s make this Halloween special with some of the best costume ideas that can be prepared at the last minute without any requirements of props and expenditure.


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Halloween has finally arrived and getting your favorite costume at the last minute is not an easy task. Do not worry, as there are plenty of Halloween costume ideas that can design yourself pretty easily and quickly even if you do not have all the props. Costumes on Halloween are what help to embrace the spirit of the celebration and it is time to explore some of the coolest ideas for Halloween costumes in 2023. You can implement these ideas for everyone whether you are spending this Halloween alone, with friends or family. There is a different idea for everyone whether a child or an adult.

  1. No-sew Dinosaur Costume

No time to sew? No problem. You can still get your child a dinosaur hoodie with some duct tape and scissors. Simply cut triangular pieces and make teeth, spikes, and scales on the hoodie and you will find your kid rawr-ing the whole day!

  1. The Mad Scientist

Halloween is the best time to embark on the mad ideas and being a mad scientist is also a good idea for costume. All you need is with wig, a lab coat, a pair of yellow dish gloves, and safety goggles.

  1. Edie Beale from ‘Grey Gardens’

Probably one of the easiest and coolest ideas for all Grey Gardens fans! Just grab your favorite head scarf and a faux fur coat, and little Edie is ready. Make sure to take your cat along.

  1. Mario and Luigi Costume

And it’s Mario Time! Grab your best buddy and dress as the two brothers Mario and Luigi. Getting red and green tees along with jean dungarees Mario caps and a fake mustache is enough to put in Nintendo. To make it look even better; you can find some Mario mushroom plushies.

  1. The Lumberjack Costume

This is the easiest idea you can pick at the last minute as it requires nothing but flannel and some jeans. Put on a beanie and make sure to carry an ax (a toy ax obviously).

  1. Mary Poppins Costume

Those who are familiar with Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins can exactly think of the makeover. In order to recreate this look, you would need a white buttoned shirt along with a black skirt and heels. An umbrella, a hat, and an oversized bag are what complete the styling and the character.

  1. The Mummy Costume

This is the all-time favorite classic Halloween costume idea that retires nothing toilet paper roll and some fabric with brown marks and tea stains which makes it look more real and eerie at the same time. All you need is to wrap the whole thing around the body to make it appear preserved.

  1. No-Sew Spiderweb Cape Costume

Another great idea for a no-sew Halloween costume that is easy to make and wear. Other than the witchy essence, fleece fabric can also keep you warm on cold Halloween nights. This costume idea is applicable to both children and adults.

  1. The Boho Folk Singer

Embrace the John Denver inside you and celebrate this Halloween, dressed as a folk singer. Find some floral prints and light dresses from your wardrobe and complement them with a cardigan and a handful of boho accessories like a headband, sunglasses, and sustainable jewelry.

  1. The Moon Costume

There is no doubt that everyone loves the moon and what if you become one? Simply get a cardboard and cut out a crescent moon shape piece from it and attach it to your outfit with some sparkly ribbon. Make sure your outfit is white, silver, or something in a similar shade that is relevant to the moon. Make sure to complement it with the shimmery items you have in your collection.

  1. The Lego Block Costume

Turn into a LEGO block this Halloween with cardboard and food containers as the studs on the blocks. Paint it in any color you like and it is good to go. Make sure to cut holes from where you will put your arms outside. This costume is applicable for everyone from the kids to the adults; people of all ages.

  1. Cruella de Vil Costume

Presenting oneself as the Disney Villain is a dream for many and this Halloween the dream can come true. You will probably love the idea of dressing up as the very famous Cruella de Vil. The best part of this costume is that it requires nothing but Cruella’s signature black and white wig. The rest of the outfit you can easily create from your wardrobe. Anything that is black and offers plenty of goth vibes is good enough.

  1. Wednesday Addams Costume

A similar goes for the Wednesday Costume which is comprised of a lot of goth vibes. Wednesday Addams is essentially the Halloween girl and it is very easy to recreate her authentic look. You have to wear a black dress, black stockings, black shoes, and last but not least some white felt to make the collars. It is great if you already have dark hair all that remains is two identical braids on each side.

  1. The Barbie Costume

Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party! Halloween is the time for celebration and parties. And there is no other greater option than a Barbie costume to party hard! The best thing about Barbie is that you do not have to exactly dress like her but anything fashionable and on the pink palette goes pretty well. After the worldwide release of the movie ‘Barbie’; people are more aware of Barbie Pink and outfits than even Barbie herself. Lads, don’t worry! As you can always partner with Ken. Is that Kenough?

  1. The Iconic Witch Costume

Halloween is practically incomplete with the witches and pumpkins. It is time to create your voodoo with a witch costume that requires nothing but any black costume along with a tulle skirt. Do not forget your broom though!

Use your creativity and innovate more costume ideas from scratch but since you have reached the last minute, grab onto whatever you have!

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