O’Neill Fernandes, a Pop music artist from Perth creates a sensation in the rock music industry. ‘Rock And Roll Heaven’ creates an emotive mood from the outset. Smooth vibes set a fairly melodic scene before the immensely skillful vocalist delves into the smooth yet striking-paced outpourings of pop-punk for an […]

In this intimate gesture to celebrate Mother’s Day, this Pop music artist from Perth has won many hearts. O’Neill Fernandes’s ‘Mother’s Love…Vol.3’ is truly gravitating. From movies that are almost 100 years old and Nat King Cole’s one of greatest releases, O’Neill Fernandes is here to celebrate music and the […]

O’Neill Fernandes is spreading his creative charm with the magnificent album ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.6’. The prolific creations are creating a buzz among all. Experience a whole new kind of pop music with the artist O’Neill Fernandes. This proficient musician is garnering many ears with his outstanding soundscapes. His exceptional musical presentations […]

The Pop music artist from Perth, O’Neill Fernandes is showcasing his musical charm with the album ‘Shades of The Shads…Vol.3’, which reaches out to mass audiences. Join the musical ballad with the brilliant pop artist O’Neill Fernandes. This artist is grabbing everyone’s attention with his eclectic musicality. His brilliant creations are reaching out to worldwide audiences […]

Artist O’Neill Fernandes, a versatile Pop music artist from Perth has released their latest album ‘Mother’s Love…Vol 2’. The album comprises 21 chartbuster songs Artist O’Neill Fernandes has released his latest album, ‘Mother’s Love…Vol.2’. The album is a compilation of 21 songs. All songs from this album are refreshing. His calm soothing and peaceful composition has won thousands of his […]