Skilled actress and singer, Siena Bjørn, is creating a huge buzz with her latest soul-soothing representation, ‘Dissonance’, featuring Liberian/American recording artist and songwriter Moeazy! eaturing with multi-layered R&B production and stylist vocals, LA-based artist, Siena Bjørn (also known by her full name, Siena Bjørnerud), has come up with her latest […]

American musician Leslie Austin paints a vivid picture of love and betrayal through an articulate lyrical arrangement in the melodically rich soundtrack ‘Burned’.  Hailing from Texas, singer and songwriter Leslie Austin is back with another heart-rending soulful masterpiece called ‘Burned’. After the pandemic hit the entire world, the rising musician decided to go back to […]

Upcoming artist Sheeda Love comes under the shadow of the polymath music producer Amschel and manifests her serious assiduity to hip hop music with ‘Fake Love’. he newcomer Sheeda Love debuts with the apparently melodious hip hop track ‘Fake Love’, and the trailblazing music producer Amschel reckoned it with his aftermath to staunchly lead it with progressive music. The song […]

Queen Parker astonishes the global Latin urban community with her flawless singing and breathtaking lyrical arrangement in her recent release ‘Sentimiento’. Originated from the combination of hand-picked resonating elements from different genres like hip hop, R&B, pop, disco, rap, and many more, the musical form of urban music is the epitome of […]