Johnny Gas shares his intimate experience in ‘Airbnb’ and lets you fall for his hypnotic groove all over

Singer Johnny Gas makes a song perfect for any time of the year and pours his heart out with some fascinating poetic verses in his new hip-hop soundtrack ‘Airbnb’.


[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very good thing comes to an end, and holding tight to that thought, hip-hop singer Johnny Gas sings about longing love on his new creation that sounds mesmerizing throughout. The LA artist speaks about a fascinating memory which he shared with a girl, whom he happened to have star crossed. The song Airbnb is about their wonderful journey together as they share some very special memories and the singer has wrapped the song with his vocal warmth to give it the perfect polish. The concoction of beautiful and soul-stirring harmonies with his seamless, attractive vocals enhances the charm of the song and makes the listener drool over its sound.

The talented hip-hop artist has stylistically shared his experiences, starting from touring the world together, stealing glimpses of her, dancing together, and every other intimate moment they’ve shared during the stay at ‘Airbnb’ in the most magical manner letting the listener experience his journey through scintillating songwriting. But, as time flows, we move on and carry with us the memories of those great times, the heartfelt song finishes with its R&B melodies sprinkled all over to make the listener feel happy. Listen to the intoxicating track on Spotify and follow Johnny Gas on Instagram for more details.

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