Trap Baby Dre Aka the Ganja Mann Has Up the Ante with ‘Young Og’

Showcasing a clear knowledge of what is the most impactful, using the disparity among various elements and concluding with style and swag, there are passion and character to the track ‘Young Og’ by Trap Baby Dre. With each passing layer, the track comes up with something unique and fresh. The arrangement of the track is striking and pretty easy to groove to. The notes are familiar yet refreshing. Not overwhelming, the ingredients are present in just the right proportion to give the structure a complete look that guided me through the depth of the soundscape; this is kind of rare in modern-day music.
The Ganja Mann has led the track with attitude and professionalism. The anthem-like beats wait for the moments to evolve and pounce on them as soon as the opportunity arrives. One can never argue with the creativity present within ‘Young Og’. The track has vibes that just cannot be left unfelt. The effort provided in the musical buildup is pretty clear through the entire movement of the track. Trap Baby Dre makes it clear that making music is easy but making it in an effective, knowledgeable, and satisfying way requires passion and intensity; four and a half stars for the mighty ‘Ganja Mann’.
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