THE VOIDED Demands the Attention of the Audience with ‘Seven Lions – Only Now (The Voided Remix)’


Utilizing their immense musical potential, THE VOIDED has fused the most exciting ingredients of the musical genre of Trance and wrapped them within the stunning presentation of their latest release. Both the artists possess immense love and passion for music-making and their approach towards it, is pretty different compared to other contemporary artists, which is pretty evident in ‘Seven Lions – Only Now (The Voided Remix)’. Through the stunning arrangement of this track, the duo has projected its intensity and immense artistic capabilities of capturing the musical senses of the listeners. The perfectly aligned elements of the track have the strength of enveloping the soul of the audience within its fragments. Texas electronic music duo THE VOIDED has charged up the ambiance with this track.

Only Now

The original was already a hit among the global audience and to match the impact or even overcome it was certainly difficult. But, the duo of THE VOIDED has proved their worth and talent with the fascinating presentation of the remix version in Seven Lions – Only Now, which the audience has loved very much, proving that their efforts have not gone in vain. The mix is laden with great vibes and enjoyable bars, not touching the soul of the originality of the track yet magnifying the overall impact of the arrangement. The sound effects have been catalyzed through the skills of the creators working under Digital Records. Listen to more from the duo through SoundCloud and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Listen to the song ‘Seven Lions – Only Now (The Voided Remix) on SoundCloud here :

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