Luenell stops isolating herself from her daughter and takes her home after a Temporary Ban from the house

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The famous comedian Luenell gave clear indication several times in the past month that she would any required measures to keep herself away from all the sufferings from the infection of COVID-19. She is getting old and it is the right time to be a firm hand when thousands of people are dying from the pandemic. She has taken every guideline of WHO so seriously that she has been distancing herself from her beloved daughter after the young lady could not stick to the general measurements and did not take enough precautions to keep herself off from the sickness. After a few weeks, BET reveals that Luenell Lets Daughter Back Into Her Home Following A Temporary Ban and all these have started because She Wasn’t Taking The COVID-19 Pandemic Seriously.

The American celeb comedian has mentioned without airs that she stopped her daughter Da’NelleCambell to live under the same roof only because she was not taking the awareness about the pandemic seriously. She stopped her daughter to stay in the same house temporarily because she could not take the risk to fight with the fatal infection. She took to Instagram and posted that extreme measures had to be taken to keep herself and her husband who both are old and prone to illness before banning her daughter from the house. As the Coronavirus is fatal for elderly people with chronic illness, she could not roll the dice with her and her husband’s life.

Luenell rants about the irresponsibility and devil may care attitude of the Millenials who act like the baby-boomers were responding to the crisis to seek attention as attention-seeking becomes a fascination when one turns 60. She clears the smoke and shares her thoughts on the internet saying this is not the time to be dramatic and people as old as hers or older have higher chances to fall victim to the deadly virus.

She was very shocked by her daughter’s insensibility to fail in maintaining the general guidelines and precautions as social distancing after so much hustle-bustle about the novel Coronavirus all around the world. When she has to deal with such chumps in her life, she is glad that she has decided the right thing to do because she has to worry about her health first. She has put it in a very clear way that she only had to temporarily ban her daughter from their home so that they could be safe from the pandemic.

This decision definitely worked for Da’NelleCambell as after the banishment from her house, she is taking the pandemic more seriously.

But, in a recent interview with TMZ, Luenell states that she brought her daughter back into the house and currently she is living happily with them abiding by all the general guidelines to stay out of the mess. She even mentioned with a smirk in the chat that she never abandoned her, she just “quarantined her.”

Luenell’s daughter has a separate place to live and she only comes to meet her parents to hang out. But distancing was the ultimate punishment that made her aware of the fatality of the novel virus. When the source asked Luenell to give honest advice to the parents whose children are not taking the pandemic seriously, she told them to make the disobedient children naked and make them stand at the front door.

The comedian told the source that they made a ‘mudroom’ so that Da’NelleCambell can wash her outing clothes in the washing machine and clean her hands and face with proper care.

In her interview with Fox Soul, she told Claudia Jordan that her daughter was “collateral damage,” and she took the step to save herself and her husband who might have not survived if they got contaminated.

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