T-Bishop Proves That He Can Write About Love in his New Exuberant EP ‘You Aint Shit EP’

The new Chicago hip hop singer T-Bishop has shocked his fans with five unbelievable hip hop tracks off the EP ‘You Aint Shit EP’ released in February.


With incredible popularity, the Chicago hip hop singer on the horizon, T-Bishop has created a hyped story in his long career span with the much-awaited project, the new EP ‘You Aint Shit EP’. It is made of five eclectic tracks reaching every branch of hip hop in its modern paradigm. The album is produced by the production house called Corporation. When your heart collides with an unrequited love story, it gets hard to wriggle out of that trap of desire and that is exactly the singer sings in the resounding track No Love. It has got the seductive grooves and lonesome lyrics to puzzle your brain how to react. The hustler does not forget to display his diary of crazy nights under the sky in the streets of Chicago in the beautiful song Baller Effect.

T-Bishop has always flaunted his colorless struggles and inclination towards the hegemony through years of rap battling and ciphers before he held a strong ground in the real industry. The leading track of the EP You Aint Shit EP, Calvin Cambridge has similar aristocratic vibes in its resounding rap rants that come without any cover of ambiguity. He modulates through the different bridges of hip hop music to create a collection of magical melodies that eases out the unsettling young minds. In the end, the emotional force dissipates as the songs grow in numbers. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to enjoy the blast of new music.

To check out all songs of the Playlist ‘You Aint Shit EP’, visit the given link:


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