The Eccentricity and Creative Conundrum in Jonny Sun Quest’s ‘April Tracks’ is a Surprising Musical Endeavor

Solo artist and composer Jonny Sun Quest has put together his virtues of creative and musical insight into the making of his blissful playlist, ‘April Tracks’.

April Tracks

Music has always been very close to my heart and soul and has helped me crawl through the darkness of life. This time, my discovery of musical blissfulness reached completion with the soundscape of the upcoming solo composer, Jonny Sun Quest. He is a gifted soul of unadulterated versatility and artistic pursuits who has created a musical journey of therapeutic desirability. He recently released his playlist, ‘April Tracks’, a compilation of 11 songs that have become my most played ones in recent times. Ethereal, vivacious, culturally, and artistically elevated beyond means, this playlist meanders into your heart and helps you accept, heal, and find closure.

Los Angeles based Jonny Sun Quest has influenced me to face my psychological nemeses through its powerful sound dynamics. The playlist, ‘April Tracks’ is an identity in itself and is a creative compilation of various culturally segregated genres like jazz, hip-hop, rock, pop, and even traditional film scores. There are drama and thematic streams of unspoken sagas in his compositions that make his playlist as well as other songs like ‘Kaleidoscope’, ’Icicles’, ‘Sun Blown’, and ‘Lost Control’ open to audience interpretation. Follow his work on Soundcloud to discover music that will sweep you of your feet instantly.

Listen to all songs of the playlist of ‘April Tracks’, visit the below link:

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