King Geezy Becomes An Ideal Icon For The Next Generation With The Energetic Hip Hop Track ‘Your Reflection’

The new Illinois rap artist King Geezy makes the new self-produced single ‘Your Reflection’ about the unsettling thoughts and increasing frustrations in his career.

King Geezy

Time is very crucial in everyone’s life and nothing could get more frustrating than tumbling on the rocks of failure when you are supposed to thrive on your personality. This is the story of the potential Illinois rap artist King Geezy who has capsized his perfect life many a time in the currents of the fiasco. His new hip hop number ‘Your Reflection’ is the documentation of the failures and frustrations that troubled him many ways for years but eventually, the hardships became his strength to survive on this unjust planet. It is weaved in melancholic symphonies yet charge our hearts with such unconventional style of rapping the honest words.

King Geezy came from an ordinary background where money was like having a unicorn. Practicing music was a luxury for such families yet he made his mindset to dive into the world of music without scrubbing anyone’s back for money. All the pain and compromises opened a new gate where he built the confidence to express his darkest demons and softest corners of his heart through the art of music. ‘Your Reflection’ is the latest track that is built in the frame of R&B mixed hip hop. It illustrates the dilemmas that could kill his potential if he had given up on it. He raps about the real success that does not lie in your bank balance or romantic escapades. It is all about going to the top like an alpha. Follow him on artistecard, Facebook, and Twitter more updates.

Experience hot new single ‘Your Reflection’ on SoundCloud here:

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