The cancellation of Katy Keene is announced by Lucy Hale as she fights back tears

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Those who are the fans of the universe of Riverdale was left reeling after they heard of the announcement about the cancellation of Katy Keene. Lucy hale took to her social media platform and spoke on Instagram about the bad news which came as a real shock for her.

It appears that another spin-off of Riverdale is going to automatically bring in high-ratings for the show. This has got all the spices starting everything from a very successful formula that should include a cast member who is uber-famous and also the Riverdale stars doing the cameos and there are even parts where it can be seen that characters break out into a fascinating song. Lucy Hale Fights Back Tears As She Announces Katy Keene Cancellation.

As soon as it was announced, there has been a 13 episode order. Just the day before, the series that has been exclusively streaming on HBO Max out of nowhere got the ax.

The fans are left heartbroken because of this.

She expressed her sadness while delivering the news on Instagram. She also added she is in love with the show. She also loves the theme for which it stands. Shea also further expressed her love for the fans. She further finds the crew and cast who are involved with the show as adorable.

One of the fans took to Twitter and mentioned that the show has got decent storylines with representation and it is getting canceled also. But the fan added that they have dealt with shows that are awful for multiple reasons on the CW.

It is said by another anonymous fan that they are not expecting the fact Katy Keene is going to get canceled. He also implored that somebody should please save it. He mentioned the names of big streaming platforms like someone in the category of Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Overlords, Netflix, and HBO Max. He beseeched them to come out with a solution.

It has also been added by another person that Katy Keene has to be thanked for the 13 weeks that she has provided the fans that are full of tears and happiness as some weeks are frustrating where everyone was waiting for answers as the happiness was completed during the episodes. Katy Keene has provided the fans with such an amazing show so that they get the support from the character development to everything that is there in between all these. The fan also stated that they are going to miss all these things so much.

It has been alleged that even though it has got no further chances so that it could be aired anymore on The CW, Katy Keene has to find a new home until 31st July. Some of the fans are also asking for it to be picked up by HBO Max.

Lucy Hale, who is an alum of Pretty Little Liars, the American teen drama mystery, took to the social media platform on Instagram where she got very emotional about the entire news.

She stated that she was very much like interested in just posting a picture along with a caption because all these things would not be going to do any justice to the way how she feels about Katy Keene or the way how she feels about the people who are involved with it. It is quite true that it has been one of the highlights of her life. There is an incredible joy that is there from the top to the bottom. This has happened quite a few times to her and every time it has been very much heartbreaking. It is a particular job that has broken her heart innumerable times. This is going to be a bad one for her and to get over she is going to take some time. But she also said that this is not the only reason for which she is making this video.

She further went on and thanked her fanbase for being so supportive. She further added that the viewers can still carry on supporting the show as they have viewed it quite a few times on the HBO Max.

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