After A Long Wait Team Fortress 2 Is Getting Some Fresh New Community Content


Team Fortress 2 hasn’t been receiving the same attention from the players or the fans recently, since its release on 10th October 2007. The team-based multiplayer first-person-shooter disguised as hat collecting has been ruling the Steam platform for years.

After the recent drawbacks, Team Fortress 2 is finally getting such much needed love with new community content. The title has been famous for spawning multiple personalities over the years like Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned, Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson, and Do-Hyeon ‘Pine’ Kim.

All of these personalities moved toward the professional league of Overwatch due to the similarities between the two titles as players sluggishly continue to do as Team Fortress 2.

The problems occur due to the title being in existence for fifteen years and it had become quite hard to feed it with new and fresher content adapting with the modern titles and hardware. That is why Valve’s TF2 has been on a standstill for years at a time and is being worked on at the convenience of the developers. Thus the title barely gets updates acquiring lesser attention from the players over the time lacking quality content.

Fans have been anticipating the arrival of Team Fortress 3 which could effectively renew the connection between Valve and their Team Fortress fan-base bringing back the old glory. This could open up a new window with the promise of better engagement and involvement of the developing teams fixing up the servers laden with bots and bad actors.

Valve is yet to acknowledge the existence of TF2 while a loyal community mod has been enlightening the fans with the latest updates bringing fresh content in a snarky manner laden with wandering digressions and bullets that reminds the players with the old Valve that they loved and adored.

Newer updates have been surfacing on the community page Team Fortress 2 Classic producing new content. Carry on if you want to be rewarded for your efforts.

On day one on July 1st, the Death and Taxes Update presented a new VIP game mode. The two teams, blue and the red team gets different objective to follow. The blue team gets assigned to protect a fat businessman strolling through maps and the red team is on the mission to assassinate him. For this objective three maps have been deployed.

On day two, the players are introduced with newer weapons as well as the old ones allowing the gamers to choose their weapon of their like from the vast collection.

Day three introduces two new teams: team yellow and green. The new teams will make their entrance in the new Domination game mode where the four teams battle against each other to acquire the power to control different objectives similar to the conquest within the Battlefield franchise.

Whatever happens to the fan-favorite franchise is all up to Valve at this point. This could be a long wait keeping Half-Life in mind.

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