Frisky the Rapper makes a powerful comeback with his hitting hip-hop style and rap melodies with the single ‘Ain’t a Fool’

Rising hip-hop star Frisky the Rapper shows his brilliant writing and production skills in single ‘Ain’t a Fool’ and stands out tall in the chaotic hip-hop crowd.

Frisky the Rapper

Hip-hop is a genre where artists stick to one formula to achieve fame but one artist who never tamed his creativity to fit the scene is Frisky the Rapper. The talented hip-hop artist conceals his creations with fresh hip-hop beats and melodies and wraps them with his unmatched rap prowess to present to the listeners his fantastic taste. His sound is not restricted to one genre but rather flows freely, mixed with pop and west coast hip-hop sounds to give his listeners a breath of fresh air. Fusing such extraordinary sonic elements with his charming voice, the artist has recently put out his new single ‘Ain’t a Fool’ that dictates his unique style and signature groove.

The track ‘Ain’t a Fool’ is a perfect definition of his artistic brilliance and pulls together his natural skills to present to the listener his upbeat sound-making abilities. The seamless blend of female vocals, make the listening experience even more enjoyable as the singer shares his deepest thoughts and feelings. The song has a memorable hook and points out to those who don’t support his dream. Frisky the Rapper drives his inspiration from Eminem and Red Hot Chili Peppers to create his original sound and after having established a successful career in standup comedy, he is finally pursuing his true passion. Listen to him on Spotify and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more details.

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