Kemper Grant presents his exceptional singing and beat-making dexterity though his melodic album Jungle

Multi-talented artist Kemper Grant creates the perfect blend of old, new sounds and his charming singing in the diverse melodies of his extraordinary album Jungle.


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter mastering the art of music producing gifted musicians from Oklahoma Kemper Grant decided to showcase his singing dexterity with his latest exceptional album called Jungle. I was blown away by the album’s eccentric resonance that is bound to make you question the monotonousness of the contemporary music. The nostalgic flavors of the tracks like ‘All Day All Night’, ‘Blind’, ‘Electra’, and ‘Hold My breath’ blended with his unique and irresistible panache generated unexplainable feeling in my heart effortlessly. I have become a fan of his angelic voice that brings out the true essence of the 8-track album amplified by the equally captivating melodic cadence.

All the songs of this incredible album Jungle range from an upbeat and energetic resonance to smooth and serene beats, and from mesmerizing harmonics to ’80s disco tunes. The other songs of the album, ‘Uber Ride to Cry’, ‘Round-a-Bout’, ‘Place to Park’, and ‘The Image’ have acquired a special place in my heart with their blissful instrumental melodies laced with his hypnotic vocal performance. Kemper Grant’s ethereal music is like old wine in a new bottle comprising of the best elements from both the vintage and modern music. Listen to the album on all major streaming platforms and follow him on Instagram for more.

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