The Portland-based neofolk music duo Ashera dives deep into the fight for equality this time, with a bunch of soulful, dreamy tracks in their next album ‘Rob The Rich’. Introducing the prodigious antifascist neofolk musicians come as a duo named Ashera with their upcoming folk album ‘Rob The Rich’ that extensively discusses the right of humanity and […]

The perfect union between reverberated rhythms and therapeutic libretto epitomizes the true spirit of rapper Rumbo’s recently released album Nightmares. American hip hop artist Rumbo dropped his finest album so far called Nightmares on all major streaming platforms. The album features eight mind-blowing rap bangers, digging deep into the darker times of the artist’s life. The […]

Promising hip hop artist Danza creates a safe haven for his thoughts and emotions through the unparalleled lyrical numbers in the album Danza’s Garden. Refused to be bound by the boundary of a certain genre, Kansas City-based hip hop musician Danza has crafted an extraordinary album called Danza’s Garden that shares influences from diverse rhythmic elements and […]