Groove to the Captivating Afro-Pop Essence of Upcoming Artist CtrlT’s New Song ‘Can Do’

Afro-pop and afro-fusion artist CtrlT’s new track ‘Can Do’ is a captivating crossover of cultural and creative diversities set in a groovy rhythmic pattern.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he diversity of cultural musical concepts led by upcoming artist CtrlT is sweeping the audience stream off its feet. His creative expenditure in the scope of afro-fusion and afro-pop is gradually garnering traction and opening the gates to new creative opportunities. He recently came out with the single, ‘Can Do’ which is a compelling saga about a heartfelt conversation between the artist or protagonist and a talented dancer who is being asked by the former regarding her creative capabilities while enjoying her dance. The song was inspired by a real-life social media influencer and dancer making it all the more relatable. The artist’s splendid vocal capacity also allows the song the reach its highest platform of mellifluous expressions.


Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Samuel Oloruntoby Oginni or CtrlT (Control T) is currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and has been associated actively with music from a very young age. ‘Can Do’ highlights the extent of human potential irrespective of their fields and the enthusiasm that helps us reach the epitome of accomplishment. His musical permissibility showcases the influences of his community as an important element of his creative characteristics. Follow him on Spotify and Instagram to be a part of this global evolution of musical degrees through the captivating notes of African pop and fusion streaks.

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