Artist Kilo House’s Upcoming Album ‘The Witching Hour’ is a Creative Blend of Terror Trap Strains

A thematic weave of musical and creative purposes blended with contemporary virtues of terror trap comprises Kilo House’s upcoming album, ‘The Witching Hour’.

Kilo House

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]rtist Kilo House is creating a virtuous scope of musical and creative concept that is defining the standards of trap music like never before. With a deathcore background, he already has a knack for dark, subdued thematic undertones and his current projects also showcase similar creative lines. His upcoming album, ‘The Witching Hour’ is up for release on October 17th and is a captivating blended mix of music, themes, rhythms, and bass-infused heavy tonal strains. The album will comprise of six songs that will remodel contemporary perspectives and give terror trap a whole new edge.

The artist is an alumnus of the ICON COLLECTIVE and has been making drop-oriented music for quite some time. He revises various inspirations of the old-school styles and gives them a whole new deconstruction and interpretation through his songs. Blink 182 and $uicideBoy$ being some of his biggest inspirations, his music is diverse and individualistic in its own methods. The album, ‘The Witching Hour’ is also set to redefine his goals as an artist and provide him with yet another journey towards success and popularity.

Artist Kilo House’s biggest accomplishment lies in his zest for life as he continues to create music from the physical boundaries of his wheelchair. Some of his songs like ‘The Night He Came Home’, ‘R.U.N’, ‘The CHiLDREN’, and ‘Imperial Trap’ all have the vision and creative greatness of paving the way for bigger musical purposes. The artist’s interpretations of the terror or horror trap also stand important in the contemporary musical circle. To know more about his work and upcoming releases, follow him on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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