Sprinkling the magic of hip hop DED STARK releases his latest EP ‘DED DIARY VOLUME 4’

Buzzing through the playlists of the listeners’, DED STARK drops his latest EP ‘DED DIARY VOLUME 4’ and creates a sensation in the hip hop music industry.


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he latest EP that has been buzzing through my playlist recently is DED DIARY VOLUME 4. This is the latest hip hop EP by DED STARK who has provided over 50 tracks in the last 3 years. His rhythmic rap style along with groovy digital music is a treat to ears. The progressive lyrics and mellow yet intriguing beats can be noticed in the tracks ‘Grow Up’, ‘Birds’, ‘Lifes a Beach’, ‘Shame’, and ‘ Memory Lane’. The fact of how he has blended the sleepy texture with a contemporary rap influence is rarely found in any other songs from different artists. The beats of digital music are apt and carefully calculated which complements the vocal.

This multitalented artist does most of the works himself regarding his music like playing the instrument, sampling, recording, editing, etc which amaze me. It seems that being a music enthusiast you can listen to DED DIARY VOLUME 4 anytime as it goes with every mood whether looking for some chill hip hop music or something to provide a punch of energy. A clear eclecticism between the music and verses is something the music lovers admire. Follow DED STARK over Facebook and SoundCloud to get updates on his latest EP and upcoming experimental projects.

Album link: https://soundcloud.com/dedstark/sets/ddv4

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