Alternative rock is redefined by the upcoming EP ‘Here and Now’ by Home is West

The alternative rock band, Home is West has churned out the flavor of alternative rock in their upcoming EP, ‘Here and Now’ releasing in November 2020.

As an upcoming alternative rock Home is West is already creating a buzz among the followers as their latest EP ‘Here and Now’ is going to release soon this year in November. The band has gained its popularity back then in 2019 with its first album release ‘The Moment’. With the help of the sound engineer and producer Geoff Neal they have recorded and released their album under the production house of ‘Mint 400 Records’. Hailing all the way from San Clemente this band is creating amazing soundscapes through each song they make like ‘Leaving Again’, ‘Waiting’ etc.

Home is West

This band was originated in 2013 and from then the members have been working on many experimental projects to recreate the definition of alternative rock. In the upcoming EP ‘Here and Now’ a lot of effort has been put into making the tracks. The EP was all set to be recorded at the beginning of this year in March. But as the pandemic hits globally the recording was postponed. The delay acted fruitful as they got more time to nourish their project by making small adjustments and finally in the month of July it was recorded in 12 hours only. Follow ‘Home is West’ on Linktr and Instagram for more updates.

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