Peat Lynch reflects his rich aesthetic and luxurious beats in the latest album “Floodwall”

The Ohio rapper Peat Lynch’s quarantine album “Floodwall” is the portrayal of his hopes and dreams that somehow relapsed in the quagmire of his melodramatic life.

Peat Lynch

Self-realization and rekindling the old self-confidence is devised in the latest hip hop album Floodwall” that Peat Lynch produced while he confined his soul in a cryptic space, away from the known reality. The rapper represents his astonishing lifestyle and the experience of living in Ohio through the seven songs from the new album. He calls out for help to save him one more time from getting lost in the shadows of the dark city life and crowd of fake friends. The stratagems of the complicated relationships inspired him to make heartfelt, sharp songs.

‘No Fear’ is an exuberant single that depicts Peat Lynch’s flamboyant confidence and the journey of leaving behind his underdog mentality. ‘Down Tha Road’ is rich with his ambitious lyricism that paints the ambiguity embedded in everyone’s soul. The next song from the album “Floodwall” is ‘disguise’ which can be the anthem of endurance the dichotomy. His intense rap flow and authentic hip hop beats make the album a masterpiece. During his quarantine, he contemplated hard on his life’s map that led him to many cut parties and overwhelming records and make the songs about the cool vibes. Get the songs on Spotify, linktr, and follow him on Instagram.

Link to the album:

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