The Brilliant Compositions of Lonleybandz Feature Genuine Passion Through A Series of Meaningful Librettos


Music is the most loved and approachable art form in the world that has the ability to bring a tremendous wave of changes altering the course of humanity. Hoping to utilize his poetic talent to convey his stories to the world, prolific hip hop musician Lonleybandz has established an eccentric soundscape that reveals his marvelous articulacy through the picturesque lyrical narratives. The heart-warming and thought-provoking lyrical pieces crafted by the artist himself are presented through the impeccable and power-packed vocal performance of the artist. His soulful yet penetrating vocal style is the backbone of his creation igniting a fire onto the stage in each of his compositions. Driven by his raw energy and genuine love for the art of music-making, the gifted Oklahoma solo artist is bound to bring a change in the contemporary standard of the global hip hop scene.

ParanoidWorking with the production house Cartel oil records, the genius recording artist has never failed to satisfy the thirst of the hip hop enthusiasts offering them a unique and original piece matching up with their every mood. Lonleybandz has given mind-blowing and meaningful melodic pieces like ‘Out the Mud (Calboy)’, ‘Pain-to-You’, ‘Cartel Running It Up’, and Paranoid featuring Baby Goth over the years that have a powerful lingering after-effect. These tracks depict genuine stories from his life employing apt metaphors and verbal imageries forming a strong mental bond with the audience. Follow him on Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, and stay tuned for his upcoming releases.


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