Groove to the Creative and Cultural Flux of World Music with ItsENJ’s New EP ‘Born On The Moon’

Upcoming music duo ItsENJ’s cutting-edge style and creative openness towards global music and themes in their new EP, ‘Born On The Moon’ is captivating.


The textured musical and creative dynamics in the upcoming duo ItsENJ’s soundscape is creating an eccentric and distinctive take on cultural influences in music. They recently came out with their new EP, ‘Born On The Moon’ which is a confluence of cultural influences put together in a glorifying scope of musical, lyrical, and rhythmic blends. The EP consists of 7 songs that brim with the essence of life and energy and drives the audience towards a direction of positivity. The songs from the EP like ‘Move Your Body’, ‘Pray for it (PFI)’, ‘Voulez Vous’, and ‘Number 1’ capture their inspiration for a global union of music and cultures that breaks the shackles of standardizations.

The duo ItsENJ is the creative collaboration of Chimdi and OTITO. Also known as ‘The Dapper Duo’, these brothers are Nigerian immigrants currently based in the Bronx and is leading the bandwagon of the global musical display through their soundscape. Their new EP, ‘Born On The Moon’ is creative individuality in all its glory and show their skills as lyricists, music producers, recording/performing artists, and directors. The EP marks a milestone in their extensive career that harbors the potential of growing into a bigger degree of musical acceptance. Their craft is unique and ground-breaking and ignites hope and energy among the mass. Follow them on Spotify, Linktree, and their official website to know more.

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