‘Again’ by Italian musician and DJ Federico Ambrosi is a banging tech-house number knocking you off your feet

International EDM musician and DJ Federico Ambrosi presents his unique rendition of the genre through his brilliantly crafted tech-house banger named ‘Again’.

Federico Ambrosi

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nternational tech house music DJ Federico Ambrosi is back with his hypnotic new EDM banger called Againreleased in 2020. The track is a wholesome rhythmic piece maintaining a steady flow of tantalizing synth beats that defines his extraordinary resonance. The dynamic sound and texture merge perfectly with the distorted vocals that change the course of the melody. The unparalleled blend of tech-house with some subtle trap beats makes the track more acoustically appealing. The retro vibe of the soundtrack expresses the boundless creativity that makes him defy all the conventional norms of mainstream music.

Influenced by the cadence of diverse musical genres, he experiments with different instrumental and acoustic elements from various musical forms around the world. Federico Ambrosi has encapsulated the essence of all those magnificent thematic elements in his incredible soundscape giving birth to an advanced and satisfying resonance. The latest single ‘Again’ is a groovy EDM number with impeccable execution of exuberant and reverberated instrumentation weaved in a perfect sequence. Starting his musical journey at a very young age, the prolific Italian musician has come a long way, getting signed tracks on the best labels at the moment like Sola, Relief, Repopulate Mars, Stereo Productions, Roush, and many more. Follow him on YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram for more updates.

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