Artist Proph3t of RAG3 is set to enter His Fans into an Obscure Space of Darkstep with Song ‘Venom’

Dubstep and Darkstep artist Proph3t of RAG3 redefine musical strains with a dark and enigmatic overview with the verses of his upcoming track, ‘Venom‘.

Upcoming artist Proph3t of RAG3 is utilizing electronic music modulations in his captivating dubstep soundscape in the most intriguing way. He is set to release a single, ‘Venom‘ that will redefine Darkstep sound as a glance into the future of music-making. He has already delivered his insight of music through his previous single, ‘Elixir’ and now he is more than ready to plunge into the depths of creative and musical obscurity. The artist is prolific in his ideas and unique sound that mixes the virtues of electronic sounds and beats into an engaging confluence.

Proph3t of RAG3

The song ‘Venom‘ is set to deliver electronic contour in a promising scope. The new single will immerse the audience in a course of creative subjectivity alongside a melodic voice cry. It will send the audience down submerging sorcery that compels them to go into a transcendental calling. The single is set to release on February 1, 2021, on Spotify and Apple Music. Proph3t of RAG3‘s interpretation of sound and mystic themes is eternal and eccentrically recreates music. Although he is a new artist, he is delivering a hypnotic musical course. IF you ready to indulge in the contemporary ensemble of Darkstep and dubstep, follow his work on Spotify, Apple Music, and his official website.

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