Talented rapper Acid is creating a huge buzz with the latest track ‘Splash’

Hitting the industry with an unwavering personality, rising rapper Acid has come up with the latest track ‘Splash’. The song appears in his upcoming EP ‘Admiration’.

Skilled rapper and music artist Acid has come up with his latest single, titled Splash.  The track has an upbeat musical arrangement filled with digital beats and bass grooves. The hypnotic soundscape creates a hook that continues with the eclectic deliverance of the artist. He is a menacing rapper with his killer verses and great hold over pace. His rhythmic and lyrical flow is perfectly balanced which helps him to meander through any kind of sound design. The strong emotive verses along with new-age pop and hip hop music, do not fail to engage the listeners.


Hailing from Michigan, Calif L. Peterson is also known as Acid who is a uber-talented artist, rapper, songwriter, and producer as well. His artist name is the acronym of ‘A Criminal In Disguise’. The artist developed his knack for music at a very young age and started writing at the age of 11 years only. He is greatly influenced by Jay-Z, Redman, Dr. Dre, Too Short, E- 40, Dj Quik, Notorious Big, and many others. Later on, he nourished his musical skills even further and started making music of his own. The latest track ‘Splash’ is the greatest example of that. Follow him over Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify to get more information.

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