Brilliant singer Josh Menon presents another album ‘My Only Platonic Love’ featuring 10 masterpiece tracks

Young musician Josh Menon paints a beautiful picture of different human emotions through the mesmerizing melodies of his new album ‘My Only Platonic Love’.

Josh Menon

Talented musician Josh Menon drops his highly anticipated album My Only Platonic Love’ on all major streaming platforms very recently. Only released on Jan 8th, the album has already garnered huge audience engagement. The album features 10 captivating melodies dissecting the topics of love, affection, nostalgia, and gloom. The album opens with a beautiful serene soundtrack, ‘mallorca’ that takes the audience on a journey into an acoustic bliss. His deep and penetrating vocal performance is enough to hypnotize the listeners. The other songs from the album ‘nebula’ and ‘pugwash’ are also rich in his dynamic singing and unique instrumental tunes.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the young musician has always given his listeners relaxing and melodic tunes that generate genuine feelings from the audience. His recently released alternative album ‘My Only Platonic Love’ offers an unparalleled and earthy sound that separates him from the crowd. This is his third album and has already gained the attention of the global music community. In the album, Josh Menon expresses his thoughts and feelings in the most upbeat yet heart-rending manner possible. The rhythmic flow of the tracks combines different thematic elements with a hint of electronic sound and texture. Follow him on Spotify and Instagram to stay updated about his next projects.

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