EDM artist Van Maximilian is out to empower his fans with his uplifting electronic piece ‘We Own The Night’

Gifted electronic musician Van Maximilian weaves a spectacular pattern of versatile rhythmic resonance in his lyrically inspiring soundtrack ‘We Own The Night’.

Van Maximilian

LA-based promising artist Van Maximilian has been spreading his versatile resonance incorporating different melodic elements. Being an avid fan of the electronic music genre, the brilliant artist has produced an electronic banger named We Own The Night’ featuring upbeat and boisterous rhythmic cadence. It is an inspiring number offering an uplifting tune intermingled with Robbie Rosen’s exuberant vocal performance. The lyrical illustration is laden with powerful metaphors and verbal imageries that give the audience the courage to battle the obstacles in life with confidence. The flowy melody is the perfect song for both the starry summer night and the sad winter days.

Experimenting with diverse musical forms like pop, indie, and EDM, Van Maximilian has given birth to a hybrid soundscape that expresses his thoughts and emotions flawlessly. Over time the young and talented musician has developed a special fondness for the genre of EDM. His most recent release, ‘We Own The Night’ optimizes the unique resonance that separates him from the crowd. The reverberated instrumentation blended with blissful singing creates an atmosphere of pure acoustic satisfaction. Listen to the track and his other masterpieces like ‘Crossed the Line’, ‘Top of the World’, ‘Say You’re Mine’, and more on Spotify and follow him on Instagram for more.

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