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The energy sector has been experiencing phenomenal growth in recent years.  From individuals to corporate, communications have been about making it affordable, clean, and sustainable. Renewable energy capabilities have dominated conversations, more so in social media as found by SMAPWORKS, an organization that provides Social Media Analytics Reports and SMA Platform Services. To provide these services, SMAPWORKS relies on AI-powered tools and Big Data to analyze millions of posts in one minute.

The answers and solutions are delivered by a special cross-border partnership that made it possible to analyze data in 6 new languages.  Ad-Vitalis Ltd., Artamet Ltd., and EnergoDatad.o.o, partners from Croatia and Hungary jointly present a state-of-the-art approach to market research for the energy sector.

The primary goal of this project is to enhance cross-border cooperation (CBC) in the energy sector by a process of language localization of a text analytic software, thereby promoting appropriate CBC connections as well as sharing knowledge in order to foster sustainable and value-added exploitation of novel market research in the energy sector.

While demonstrating how the energy sector can benefit from the conversations that happen in the social media networks to shape their decisions, SMAPWORKS representative said companies in the sector can leverage on the increased use of the internet where people all over the world are increasingly participating in online conversations. “In these social media conversations, people show preferences, intentions, fear, express their opinions about various issues and topics. With our AI-powered technologies, we transform the massive data from these conversations into valuable insights which can improve the understanding of energy-related conversations,” said the company representative adding that their focus is six countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

Through performing social listening analytics in the energy sector, SMAPWORKS provides the players with social media analytics reports which give accurate, and on-demand decision-making information including market information, consumers’ views and intentions, opinions among others.



“A company in the energy sector may be interested in knowing how the general public feels about a new regulation on renewable energy or it could be getting insights on how given marketing campaigns are performing or even the conversations about an important energy sector event, our social listening capabilities are capable of providing data which when subjected to analytical process using AI-powered tools can accurately provide information that can be used to inform tangible decisions,” reiterated the company representative while adding that SMAPWORKS is specifically tailored for the energy sector.

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The project (project code: 2019-LPP2-006) operates within the scope of the Beneficiary Light (B-Light) Grant Scheme and Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-Operation Program 2014-2020. SMAPWORKS provides Social Media Analytics Reports and SMA Platform Services. Using Big Data and AI technology, the platform has the capacity to analyze millions of posts in one minute.

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