Enjoy the upbeat pop arrangement in GiGi Vega’s mesmerizing track ‘Watchu Tryna Do?’

Emerging pop artist GiGi Vega is sprinkling her musical aura through the latest track ‘Watchu Tryna Do?’. Previously she has released the chartbuster ‘Mistletoe Kiss’.

GiGi Vega

Iconic pop star GiGi Vega has come up with her latest single Watchu Tryna Do? which is making a huge buzz among listeners around the world. The track churns out the flavors of pop music along with brilliant production. The musical arrangement is kept groovy that constantly evolves with a smooth transition. The upbeat sound design provides a major hook that is carried forward with the raspy vocal tone of the singer. The artist show-offs her vocal skills and meanders through the whole soundscape with her honey-dripping singing style. The track doesn’t fail to engage the listeners with its unique offering.

Born in Boston, this multitalented musician has garnered a lot of attention through her previous release ‘Mistletoe Kiss’ which ranked 3rd on the iTunes Dance Charts and 27th on the Billboard Adult Contemporary (AC) Charts. The track is featured in the movie ‘The App that Stole Christmas’ on Netflix. While working with other music producers, the artist has nurtured her musical skills even further. It reflects in the latest track ‘Watchu Tryna Do?’. The track will be released in two other remixes, one with rapper TEC and another bounce mix featuring Big Freedia and hitmakers BlaqNmilD (Drake, Beyonce). Follow GiGi Vega over Spotify, LInktree, and Instagram to know more about her music.

Track link: https://open.spotify.com/track/1vO7VHqaWJTZ0w6G5PsKXs

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