Chazo Lets You Groove Endlessly to his Melodic Hook in ‘Can’t Help It’

Chazo connects with fans with his latest hit ‘Can’t Help It’ which shows the artist taking a different approach towards hip-hop by giving it a unique soulful twist.

It is no surprise that rapper Chazo is riding the waves of success with his extraordinary rap style. The New York hiphop artist nurtures a style that unites impressive storytelling with a musically blissful soundscape. I’m completely blown away by the way the rapper genuinely offers something new and a brilliant example of that is his latest music video titled ‘Can’t Help It’. As the song progresses, I swooned at his soulful production. I’ve never really encountered a hip-hop composition so melodic and expressive but having heard this artist for more than once, I am hooked to his rhythmic melody. The song is all about Good food, good companion, and good vibes. The lyrical fragments compiled with the musical dexterity hit impressively.

Can’t Help Ithas been built under the label FamilyLoyaltyOughtaWin Music Publishing and Chazo has enveloped it with gorgeously melodic hooks and easily memorable verses to stand out in the hip-hop release for this month. He is an artist worth tuning into at any time. Hailing from New York, the rapper gives a faint taste of what’s in store in the days to come and I’m certainly grounding for him. Watch out for the full video on YouTube and follow him on Instagram for more updates.

Anna Abbott

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