The newest music video ‘Pasión’ by Operatical is bound to give you goosebumps with its reverberated resonance

Greece-based musical group Operatical puts together a grand operatic performance in their recent masterpiece ‘Pasión’ and a staggering ocular presentation.


In their mission to popularize operatic singing style to the newer generation, a well-known musical group from Greece, Operatical has been creating incredible musical numbers for years. Their most recent creation, Pasión’ is a magical number featuring supreme quality singing and instrumental flow, creating a symphony of pure acoustic bliss. The single represents the best of the artists’ singing abilities. The soprano by Nadina Tziatziou and the tenor by Thanos Zisis intermingle with each other in every step in perfect harmony. Zisis unveils his incredible creativity and articulacy by crafting the most amazing lyrical illustration for the production. They have collaborated with guests 8tetto Vocal Ensemble and choreographer Anna Magou for the song.

The modern classical music group Operatical incorporates diverse elements from various genres and wraps it with a veil of conventional and nostalgic operatic sounds. Their latest Spanish language single, ‘Pasión’ is a marvelous musical piece that penetrates the hearts of the audience with its expressive vocal performances and genuine lyrics. The music video of the song is a work of wonder. The grand visual presentation makes the song an epic saga that generates real emotions in the listeners. The song is available on YouTube. Visit their website for updates on their upcoming projects.

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