Upcoming Pop Artist Buni Milani’s New Song ‘BAD BOY’ is a Catchy and Engaging Pop Number

Upcoming pop artist Buni Milani recently came out with her song, ‘BAD BOY’ which is an intimate and edgy number comprising of captivating production arrangements.

Buni Milani

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]tlanta-based music artist Buni Milani came out with the newly released track, ’BAD BOY’ that intimately glides into the various crevices of contemporary pop. This single was written and co-produced by the artist herself as she was inspired to put out a light-hearted track that can be played as the perfect girl anthem. The song is a peppy dance tune presenting a depiction of the modern-day dating experience. The track tells the story of the artist’s night out with a fling that she is narrating to her friends the following day. It is catchy and captivating and promotes various production arrangements and a cut-through musical edge.

Artist Sherry Parker who goes by her stage name Buni Milani found her creative expressions by getting inspired by artists such as Eminem, Paramore, and Michael Jackson among others. Her prolific and dynamic persona always aims at accomplishing music goals. The song ‘BAD BOY’ is an exemplary addition to her ever-growing discography that she envisions to expand to new lengths. The passion for music was instilled in her from a very young age owing to her exposure and the constant yearning to learn and evolve. The song is available on Spotify and all other major platforms. Stay updated on all her latest and upcoming releases by following her on Instagram.

Listen to Buni Milani’s all tracks click on the given below link:


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