‘Weird New Feelings’ by Wingman offers everything to the audiences

Wingman releases a deeply groovy and bouncy music video titled ‘Weird New Feelings’ that pairs his incredible vocal style with impactful chords, making a lasting impression.

Based in LA, Wingman is a profoundly talented, electronic-rap artist whose style and mature way of production have led to everyone become his earnest fan. The artist is very much dynamic in the present hip-hop scene and is not missing out on any opportunity to breakthrough. He has an incredible delivery style and an infectious rhythmic flow that makes him a top contender in the scene. The rapper loves to play with beats and has shown immense versatility in his latest music video ‘Weird New Feelings’. The music video projects the audience with a cool, eclectic, and pleasant musical vibe with the artist leaving no chance to stun the audience with his addictive flow.

As a kid, Wingman made impressive beats, and growing up he pursued his passion for music. He derives his inspiration from artists like Flume and Kasbo and is doing a fantastic job in taking his skill to the next level. The single ‘Weird New Feelings’ is just the start of many fresh projects that the artist has lined up as he continues to share his story with a unique sound and detailed storytelling. The rapper showcases his real talent of blending hip-hop with hints of pop, and the result is genuinely impressive. Watch the full video on YouTube and follow him on Instagram for more details.

Watch his Video on YouTube:


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