Join the Musical Journey with California Pop Singer Natasha Jane Julian and Her Latest Track ‘I Love U Paris’

Natasha Jane Julian

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]oulful vocals and an enveloping atmospheric soundscape have united in the latest track I Love U Paris by Natasha Jane Julian. She has done a spectacular job in creating this track that churns out the essence of indie-pop music. The musical arrangement in the track is quite progressive and atmospheric as it progresses with a constantly evolving sound design. Natasha’s tonal quality and vocal skills are on a whole new level which hit the listeners hard. There is plenty of space, melody, and rhythms cleverly used in the track to create multiple quick immersive moments. The track has an emotive subject matter which offers hope and motivation to all the listeners. It is a musical treat for everyone who is looking for some light amid these dark times of the Global pandemic.

As a native and international touring artist, this California Pop singer is gaining at full throttle on her musical journey. She has blissful vocals and a great sense of original music which make her one the greatest singer in the modern era. She is greatly inspired by the trip-hop, alt-rock, and film soundtracks. Her musical offerings bring forth the reminiscence of all genres along with a sprinkle of her sheer individuality. Previously, this artist has released two EPs namely, ‘Happily Ever After’ and ’ANGEL’ which made the listeners astonished. The latest track ‘I Love U Paris’ also carries a similar aura and uniqueness. Follow Natasha Jane Julian over SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms to know more about her.

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