Brandon Blvd gifts his fans with the new hip hop EP ‘Safer at Home’

The amazing indie rapper Brandon Blvd lands on the music charts to crush his competitors with several top-notch hip hop singles from the latest EP ‘Safer at Home’.

Brandon Blvd

Last year was a nightmare for everyone; even the formidable American hip hop empire started to sink. It was very difficult to stay strong and share a positive mental space for all the struggling rappers of the nation who saw their dreams getting crushed by the uncertain protocols and prohibitions in the music industry. This talented hip-hopper Brandon Blvd is one of those unsigned artists who was looking forward to recording the next big anthem for his fans but he had to change his plan because of the pandemic. This year, he returns to the stage with a whole new EP Safer at Home.He has a lot to offer to his loyal fans who supported him while he was losing hope. Despite how the indie artist mentally and financially struggled, he pushed to bounce back in the name of hiphop culture.

Brandon Blvd owns a recipe of complex rhyme patterns, intelligent social observation, and the values gained from serious compromises. His music is as holy as the bible to the people who understand the fraternity of the hip-hop culture that they have cultivated throughout the nation. It is a unity that is shown with outpouring lyrical grandeur in the single ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ from his new EP ‘Safer at Home’. He presents his inner strength in the songs of this EP to showcase his zeal for original creations. Follow him on Spotify and linktree for more information.

Check out the album on Spotify:

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