Angelcreatives churns out reggae rhythms and feel-good expressions in the ringtone ‘Hello Anthem’

The public-spirited music project from Boston, Angelcreatives has presented the new ringtone ‘Hello Anthem’ to inspire lifelong wellness.

Hello Anthem

Angelcreatives has produced an outlandish EP called ‘Hello Anthem’. Releasing it amidst the pandemic has been the most appropriate timing because the songs are as pleasing as the breath of fresh air that the world is in dire need of. The songs are regarded as alert tone ringtones that allow users to access Telehealth from their phones at any time to achieve lifetime wellbeing. Whenever you hear the songs from the EP, you start to cover yourself in a bubble of happiness. The title track ‘Hello Anthem’ featuring EkamiO begins with an inspiring hymn of confidence and progresses into awesome, upbeat music.

Angel Creative Solutions for Healthcare is an innovative Telehealth company founded in May 2016 by a Diabetes Care and Education Specialists team. They joined the music industry after being inspired by Michael Jackson’s track “Heal the World” to compose health-conscious tunes. ‘I’m Well’ is another ringtone they have created, inspired by Adele’s Grammy-winning single “Hello,” which also sends a message of wellness to the world. Both songs premiered on MTV in July 2020. Follow them on Spotify and Apple Music to keep updated.

Listen to his track on Spotify:

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