Artist O’Neill Fernandes, a versatile Pop music artist from Perth has released their latest album ‘Mother’s Love…Vol 2’. The album comprises 21 chartbuster songs Artist O’Neill Fernandes has released his latest album, ‘Mother’s Love…Vol.2’. The album is a compilation of 21 songs. All songs from this album are refreshing. His calm soothing and peaceful composition has won thousands of his […]

Versatile artist Debra Danielsen introduces her extravagant qualities with the new single ‘In Love With Me’ that implores the value of self-love with stunning harmonies. While hustling through our everyday life, most of us forget the value of self-love. Emerging on the scene to remind all the importance of self-love […]

Multi-talented pop singer-songwriter Olivia Royal offers 3 different flavors of singing, songwriting, and rhythms in her recently released mixtape, ‘PSYCHE’. Young and talented pop artist Olivia Royal has taken her incredibly versatile soundscape to the next level. She presents her take on the modern girl group. She has showcased 3 different personalities of herself and […]

The sensational KyloRay has shown his unwavering passion with stylish sounds of pop in the engaging track ‘Material Girls’ that has fresh melodic embraces.  The fascinating pop singer, KyloRay has dished out a catchy number with an infectious rhythm. The stupefying track, ‘Material Girls’ has mighty vocals and lyrical grandeur etched out with a touch of […]

Gifted electronic musician Van Maximilian weaves a spectacular pattern of versatile rhythmic resonance in his lyrically inspiring soundtrack ‘We Own The Night’. LA-based promising artist Van Maximilian has been spreading his versatile resonance incorporating different melodic elements. Being an avid fan of the electronic music genre, the brilliant artist has produced an […]

Upcoming pop trio Hotline recently released their debut song, ‘The Gram’, a creatively captivating saga addressing the pretentious graph of social media in society. A hip-hop-infused pop creative scope set by the upcoming trio Hotline is making considerable waves of audience engagement. They recently came out with their debut single, ‘The Gram’, a thematic […]