Versatile music artist lIghtchIld’s forthcoming track ‘Bananas’ will be out soon.

Find a fine blend of rock, funk, and Japanese pop with lIghtchIld and her upcoming track ‘Bananas’. The track will be released on 13th August of this year.


Bringing more anticipation among the listeners, lIghtchIld is all set to release her next single Bananas’ on 13th August, and everyone is eagerly looking forward to it. This composer/producer has worked hard on this project to offer listeners something unique. Through each musical release, the artist has only impressed everyone with her remarkable singing, futuristic musical arrangement, and indulgent lyricism. There is a bilingual approach of English and Japanese which makes her tracks sound exotic and dynamic at the same time. Such invigorating dreamy vibes can be found in her tracks like ‘Taking off’ and ‘Sanctuary.’

She has intrigued listeners by drawing their attention with relatable subject matter yet provided something unexpectedly good. ‘Quarantine Times’ speaks about the lockdown while ‘No Justice No Peace’ raises voice against racial injustice. Latest tracks like ‘Dreams’, ‘The Reason’, and ‘don’t call me angel’ are paving her way to the peak of success. Her tracks are inspired by Japanese futurism and Jpop music along with some elements of synth-rock and funk. The upcoming single ‘Bananas’ will be the latest addition to her collection and another milestone on her musical journey. Follow lIghtchIld on all the major music platforms to have a taste of her music.

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