Rising recording artist Leol’s latest single ‘Type’ takes you into the reverie of sensual acoustic bliss

Supremely talented musician Leol showcases incredible singing dexterity gliding smoothly with the enticing melodic backdrop in his newest soundtrack, ‘Type’.


The newest gem in the current hip hop industry Leol has been swift to capture the hearts of the audience all over the globe with his unique melodic approach. He has recently released another blissful single, Type’ on major streaming platforms. The track is a wonderful blend of modern trap percussion and seductive melody giving birth to a hypnotizing symphony. The song is about spoiling your woman with lavish designer gifts as a form of foreplay. The moody vibes and acoustic bliss wrapped in the warm embrace of his mesmerizing vocal performance offer an amazing tranquillity to the hearts of the audience.

Also a music video director, Leol hails from Chicago and is known for making songs about love and infatuation presented through sensual and emotional lyrical illustrations. His newest soundtrack, ‘Type’ is also centered on the theme of love and seduction through expensive gifts. Leol gives a detailed description of how he is going to indulge the woman he loves with expensive and designer gifts. The combination of soulful hip hop and trap has separated the track from its contemporaries. His dynamic originality and unparalleled beats have earned him an avid fan base in a very short time. The track is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Listen to this track on Spotify:


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